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general information on display cases and stands
design consultation for a Custom Display
price quote for a Complete Display Package, including display case.

If you are interested in a custom design display stand, please see our
Custom Display Stands  page for more information.  Please make sure to include the Length and Width of the stand you
are interested in.  If you are interested in a stand to hold a display case, please provide us with
the outside dimensions of the bottom of your case.  We will determine the appropriate stand for
your case.

If you are interested in a complete display package, including stand and display case, please see
Complete Display Packages page for more information.  Provide us with the Length, Width,
and Height of the display case you are interested in.  Or, provide us with the Length, Width, and
Height of the display item(s) you have, and we will be glad to recommend a display case size.

If you have a case from one of the display case manufacturers found on our
Links Page, please let
us know the specific manufacturer to help us in sizing your stand.

If you already know the case size, type of wood and finish, and Stand Model (Basic or Deluxe with
shelves), and you want a price quote, please go to our
How to Order page for this type of

Please make sure to include your postal zip code for shipping costs.

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