Houston Display Furniture
Gallery 1
Below are a few examples of display stands custom built by Houston Display Furniture.
A 66 inch long oak stand is shown to the
right holding the customer's display.
On the left, art work on
display in a lobby.
On the left, an unfinished
oak stand.  On the right,
the stand has been
stained and finished to
match the display case to
provide a beautiful total
display for the model.
Below, a highly detailed vintage car model on
A mahogany pedestal type stand
with acrylic case for a nine foot long
model of the Titanic.  Currently on
display at Nauticus in Norfolk,
Below, a 68 inch long oak stand with a clear finish.
On the left, a dark
mahogany case and
stand with curved rails,
On the right, a custom
oak pedestal stand and
display cradle, natural
oak color  and clear
finish.  A clear acrylic
case completes the
On the left, an impressive
ship display.
On the right, an artwork
On the left, Civil War
models displayed in a case
and stand crafted by
Houston Display Furniture..
On the right, a ship
model being displayed
in a case and stand
crafted by Houston
Display Furniture.