How To Order Your Display Case or Stand
Houston Display Furniture
Follow these easy steps to request a price quote:

1.  For a stand, gather the basic information - length (L) and width (W)
dimensions, type of wood, and type of finish.  The length and width need to be
outermost dimensions (Length and Width, in inches) of the bottom of your
where it will sit on our stand.  Also decide if you want curved front and rear
rails, and if you want square, turned, or tapered legs.  These design options are
described more on our
Basic Stand Options page.  If you desire your stand to be
stained, check out the
Stain Color Chart page to see what your wood would look
like with our standard stain color options.

2.  For a case, determine the length (L), width (W), and height (H) of the item to
be placed in the case.  One rule of thumb is to have 2" space between the glass
and the sides and top of the item in the case.  So, the standard inside dimensions
of your case will be your L + 4", your W + 4", and your H + 2".  You may want
more or less space to achieve the "look" you are looking for.  Also decide on the
type of wood, stain or no stain, and finished or unfinished.

3.  Go to the menus on the right and click on the type of wood you want the stand
or case to be made out of.  Prices (
*) for selected sizes, finished and unfinished,
are shown, as well as shipping weight.  This information will give you an idea of
what your case or basic stand will cost.  If you desire a type of wood not shown
here, no problem.  We will determine the cost based on your wood selection.

* Please note.  Raw wood prices can fluctuate.  Your final Price Quote will be
based on the latest wood prices, and may be higher or lower than the prices
shown in the links to the right.

Also, case prices do not include panels (glass or acrylic).  If an acrylic panel
set is desired, please inquire as to the cost.

4.  Now, use the On-Line Price Quote Form to send us a Request For Quote.  Make
sure to include any additional information, such as a request for a special stain
color, or any specific design features of your display case that could affect the way
your case fits onto our stand.

We will reply back to you within 48 hours with a Price Quote.

4. Then,
if you wish to order the quoted stand or case and are paying by check or
money order
, just print out the Quote provided and mail it to us, along with

If you wish to order the quoted stand or case and are paying by credit card, you
can request a PayPal invoice.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay this way.  
Make sure to include your Quote Number in the item description.  Your credit card
statement will show PayPal as the payee.

Additional Information

For shipping costs please include your zip code.

If you wish to match the color of an existing display case, we will attempt to do
that.  Please recognize that it may be impossible to exactly match the color and
finish of your case.  Stain colors, variations in types of wood, and the age of your
case will affect the color.  We cannot guarantee to be able to match the coloring
of an existing display case.

Information on accepted methods of payment, shipping, and returns is included in
Policies page.

For orders from outside the continental United States, shipping/handling charges
must be obtained by writing or e-mailing us.  Contact information can be found on
Contact Us page.
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