Specialty Display Stands
Houston Display Furniture
You may have a unique item that would benefit
from a custom stand.  Rather than keeping it in a
box or closet, let Houston Display Furniture provide
you with a display stand that allows the item to be
displayed on a shelf, in a curio cabinet, or mounted
on a wall. This page shows a few examples of
Specialty Display Stands.  If you have an idea, or
just want to discuss possible alternative details of a
display stand, please
contact us.  We welcome your
input.  Fill out the information on the
Contact Us
Page or call us during normal business hours to
discuss your ideas.  We will be glad to work with
you to arrive at a display stand that meets your
needs, and provide pricing information.  

Thanks, and we look forward to working with you.
Hood ornament from a 1962 Volga
Concrete chunk of the Berlin Wall
Family heirloom shotgun
Baseball bat rack with shelf
Pipeline equipment memento
Fish artwork